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items cassino (em ingles)

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Note: 'Tis the time for turkeys, family, and the long-awaited list.

as all of you can see, the Lobby 13 is a Casino. Textures made by Shin,
design from Schtserv and Casino Night Zone theme by Aclors. etc, etc.

First of all, how does it works:
24 hours you can ask for 10 tickets which can be used to bet at the
Roulette, Slot Machines and Blackjack to achieve more and more of them.
The tickets are saved per char, and they can stack. So if you get 10
today and wait 24 hours to pass, you can get another 10 for 20 tickets
and so on.

There's a list of prizes you can purchase by using the
tickets. To find were to activate the Casino options, check the spot
between the two teleports. Stand still there for a couple of seconds and
the options shall pop up.

The song of the Casino and the
annoucement at the top of the screen can only be listened/seen on Lobby
13. The annoucement actually means the result of the roulette. If you
bet Black 13 and you see the result as B13, you won the bet. It shows a
lot of numbers but only the final one means the result.

Any problems with new online.exe to download it, get it from here:
[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]

ALL QUESTIONS REFERS TO THIS TOPIC. Please do not create new threads about the Casino for the sake of the forum cleaness. [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver esta imagem.]

Current List of Prizes!
5 DISK VOL. 10
88 MUSASHI 88h
88 VISK-235w 88h
88 ALIVE AQHU 88%s
249 RED MECHS 49h
550 GALATINE 34h
1001 V801
3750 LV.30 MEGID

Oh, and any post complaining about how much the value of your Crazy Tune or whatever dropped... will be ignored.

Prize changes might happen eventually. Do not keep asking us that.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I purchase tickets or When can I get more tickets?
Check the blue spot between the two teleport devices and stand there
for like 2-4 seconds. A window should pop-up. / After 24 hours since
your last request. They accumulate. After 10 days without spending you
saved 100 tickets.

Q: Are the tickets saved by account of char?
R: By character.

Q: Can I transfer tickets between my chars or with other people?
R: No.

Q: Is the Casino permanent? And where it is located?
R: Yes it is permanent. Lobby 13.

Q: There will be another prizes on the list? / Can this item be added?
R: Yes, eventually. / Maybe. We are still deciding.

Q: What "insert item name" does?
R: Check Brandon's JP list at [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]

Q: Where do I get the items?
R: After choosing exchange, it will be placed on your bank. Make sure you have free space on it.

Q: How do I know I win something?
R: Check out your current number of tickets.

Q: Isn't 10 tickets a day a bit too low?
R: Bet them. The higher you bet, the higher is the prize.

Q: Can you change the .ogg?
R: You can for yourself. Check PSO Development Section.

"I'm cold."
"Don't worry, I got pockets."