How to hex edit your executables

22/11/2011 16:10
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This will hopefully help do away with the constant request for executable hex editing help.

The first thing you're going to need is a hex editor.
There are many out there, some free, some not so free.
If you need a free editor, I recommend Frhed, which is what I'll be using in this post.

Of course, you'll also need Sodaboy's latest executables

PsoBB_Localhost.exe = WinXP executable
Vista_Localhost.exe = Vista/Win7 executable (I'll be using this one as an example)

Place the executable you wish to hex edit on your desktop, open your hex editor, and go to File > Open > (the .exe you wish to edit)

Go to Edit > Find and Replace > Find... (may be some what different if using a different hex editor)

For "Find what:", type in
Direction: Down
And then click find.

You should get this as a result:

Simply type in your IP address (or No-IP) over every entry (there are six total).

For the . between your IP values, make sure you type . which should be 2e on the left.

For the long "......" spaces between IP entries, make sure they remain "00" in hex (on the left)

Once you're finished, go to File > Save
You may then rename your executable.
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